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Permitted Developement

Permitted development rights are granted by the Scottish Government so that many instances of small alterations and extensions can be carried out without the need to submit an application for planning permission. There are different permitted development rights for dwellinghouses and flats. The definition of a flat, in planning terms, is 'a separate and self-contained set of premises whether or not on the same floor and forming part of a building from some part of which it is divided horizontally'.

Planning Permission

New buildings, such as houses, shops or factories, require planning permission and so do many changes of use of buildings and land. Extensions to buildings may also need planning permission, depending on such matters as their size.

Building Warrants

The building warrant process in Scotland is a pre-emptive system that seeks to ensure that buildings are designed and constructed to the minimum standards (at the very least) set in the building regulations. A building warrant is required, with limited exceptions, for work whether erection, extension, alteration or demolition as well as when the use of a building (or part there of) is converted from one use to another. The warrant must be granted before you can start work.

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