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Our New Build projects range from specialist new build properties to major contracts and while we are masonry and stonework specialists, we are able to include the whole spectrum of new build construction, from planning & design to the fixtures and finishings of all new build projects in the Perthshire area.

If you’ve already worked with an architect and have plans for your new home, we will give you a free estimate for the build.

If you’ve just got ideas, or even notes on the back of an envelope, the architects we work in partnership with can work with you to build a house that fits your lifestyle (as well as your budget). They can even help you with the planning paperwork at the very start, if required.


Of course our new builds aren’t just homes. We undertake all kinds of new builds, including alterations to schools, childrens’ nurseries, public buildings, restaurants, hotels and every other type of domestic or commercial property imaginable.

If you require a professional new build contractor in the Perthshire area, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your new building project.

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